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Worship – A Lifestyle of Obedience

For many of us, the term ‘worship’ is automatically linked to the various activities that go on in the confines of a church building. The observance of certain rituals such as singing hymns and reciting prayers from a prayer book will be enough to appease our consciences that we’ve performed our religious duties.

For the Pentecostals or Charismatics, the exuberant expression of dancing to contemporary music and an emotional expression with lifted hands will constitute a “good worship time”.

While all the above may be true in the context of expressing our love for God, mere external demonstrations without a corresponding lifestyle is not the true bible definition of what worship is supposed to be.

When Jesus met the woman from Samaria at the well in the Gospel John Chapter 4, he told her there was no need to go to a specific place to perform some form of ritual to satisfy the requirements of worship. He said true worshipers must do so in spirit and in truth.

Worship is essentially a demonstration of our love for God and the only way we can do that effectively is to walk in daily and hourly obedience to his commandments. Jesus said if we love him, we will keep his commandments. In other words, the true test of love for God is simple obedience.

God’s word commands us to give, forgive, honour our parent, walk in humility, shun immorality and many more. So out of respect and honour for God, we choose to obey him. The implication is that, his word takes precedence over any other thing or whatever society may be saying. That for me is true worship. In other words, what God says is WORTH more than anything else.

When our lifestyles are guided by biblical principles and instructions, then and only then will external EXPRESSIONS be meaningful and worthwhile. What is the point in trying to show off something we don’t live or believe in? That is clear hypocrisy and God’s word warns us against living in that manner.

Remember, it is only those who obey his commandments who will experience his blessing and not those who are only interested in hearing them but do nothing with it. Truth is being authentic, trustworthy and genuine. God want’s our worship to be real and that is the only way the world will be won for Christ.

Let’s take up the challenge and let our worship of God be real by walking in daily obedience.

Source by Douglas Doe

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