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Why Christian Family Values Are Important

Christians are the backbone of America, and to keep the values and morals that Christians represent alive it’s important that our families remain strong. There are so many families broken because of the world we live in. Today’s culture is ruining our family values, it’s sad when we realize just how much of what our children learn comes from mainstream television, movies and music instead of from their parents. It’s important to raise our children in a household that relies on Christian values to guide them in their day to day life. I’m starting this site to help other Christians trying to live the life our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, wants us to live.
I know how difficult is is to try to live right when the rest of the world seems to not care how they live. It seems like being a Christian today is more of an uphill battle than ever before. The people who run our government, teach in our schools, and decide what’s “popular” have lost their way – America’s founders would be saddened and angry if they saw what was happening in America today. We Christians have to remain strong, and help the rest of America get back on the right path. The only way to do that is to raise our children to have strong Christian values and help guide them through this world where being a Christian has somehow become a bad thing. The importance of Christian family values will determine if America remains a free and prosperous country, or if Satan finally corrupts America beyond repair. Christian family film news also helps with this.
Pray for me and my family, and I’ll be sure to pray for yours.

God bless you all,
Miss Judy


Source by Judy Foxer Barnes

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