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What Happened To The Jule Miller Filmstrips – This VBSS (Visualized Bible Study Series) Was Great

This VBSS (Visualized Bible Study series) was a great tool for Bible study many years ago. These filmstrips were accompanied by audio cassette tapes. And many people learned the gospel story from these. Do you remember these? They were used for decades in Christian evangelism.

This Bible study series started in Genesis and went all the way through both the Old and New Testament.

Well, Christian friend, I want you to know that this classic Bible study material is still available on VHS or DVD. Yes; that’s right. Gospel Services, Inc. of Houston, TX still has this powerful material available for you but in a more modern format. This is the same Bible study series that Texas Stevens and Jule Miller made many years ago. And it is still used by Christians as they share the good news.

You can get a copy of this DVD by visiting the website mentioned below and clicking on Products Available for Purchase.

Or if you have questions about this series feel free to email me.

But whether you care about this series or not… I want you to know that Evangelism is important! So get out there and do something evangelistic; won’t you? Tell your friend about Jesus, invite a coworker to church, pray for lost people, encourage a missionary, etc., etc. Whatever it is do something in the name of Jesus to let a lost world know that you care and that Jesus cares. Share the gospel, Christian.

Thanks and may God bless you.

Source by J Yarbrough

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