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The Temptation – A Christian Bible Poem

Now Jesus was alone, and in the wilderness that night.

He’d had no food in days and was fasting in Gods sight.

He was praying to his father, the king and Lord of all,

And in the middle of his prayer, he heard a lowly call.

In front of Jesus path, there stood a lowly being,

But Jesus was prepared, he knew what he was seeing.

Now Satin smiled smugly and this is what he said,

“If your the son of God, turn those rocks into bread.”

This tempted Jesus, oh how good that bread would taste.

But Jesus did not sin, and he didn’t act in haste.

Jesus was Gods son, and Satin should have known,

This trick wouldn’t work, man can’t live on bread alone.

Satin didn’t give up, he led Jesus somewhere high.

That place was a mountain, which traveled to the sky.

Approaching the top, they looked out on the land,

Satin tried once more, but he just didn’t understand.

“You can have all this, if you’ll only worship me.”

His smile turned to a sneer, full of mocking glee.

But Jesus already owned this, and we should only worship one,

Satin wasn’t that, it was God and his son.

You shall only worship God, to Satin he replied,

Satin, he was mad, but once again he tried.

He led him to the temple, onto a pinnacle so high,

“If your angels are there, jump into the sky.”

“Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.”

Jesus answered back.

Satin stomped off, and victory he did lack.

When temptations come across, you know what to do.

Just call upon the Lord, and he will strengthen you.

Source by Dory Miller

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