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The Rejection of Sound Doctrine: Giving the Congregation What They Want

The rejection of sound doctrine has played a significant role in the weakening of the body of Christ in America. Sound doctrine is the pure gospel of the kingdom preached without any embellishments or changes designed to accompany the traditions of man. The preaching of sound doctrine looks beyond the traditions of man and establishing the righteousness of God’s kingdom on earth. The pride of manmade traditions is eradicated under the light of the gospel.

The more Christians continue to reject sound doctrine, the more dominate the forces of darkness will become in America. The practice of sound doctrine is the act of spreading the pure light of the gospel in the strongholds of darkness in our communities, cities as well as the nation. If we continue to fail at this responsibility, the nation’s downfall is just a matter of time.

The Pure Gospel

The pure gospel is the gospel of Christ, including his death, burier and resurrection. Through him and only him is there salvation for all mankind. Salvation requires man to confess his belief in the purpose of Christ’s death on the cross and to repent and submit to him in love. Any information other than this critical knowledge moves away from sound doctrine. According to biblical scripture, Christ commands all believers to love God with all of their mind, soul, body and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves.” Duet: 6:5 If our attention strays toward anything other than what is ordered, then the stage is set for idolatry, confusion and destruction.

Fighting for the Faith

The preaching of sound doctrine begins in the book of Acts of the Apostles when Jesus Christ left the message of the kingdom to the apostles. The power of sound doctrine revolutionized the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding towns and villages. Thousands upon thousands were delivered from the clutches of darkness and brought unto the light of salvation. But the kingdom of darkness had other ideas. The attack on sound doctrine begins when others, disguised as followers, started to teach doctrines that were not in alignment with the pure gospel of the truth. This activity prompted the Apostle Paul to encourage others to stay faithful to sound doctrine. And biblical scripture tells us to “Earnestly contend for the faith that was once given to the saint.” Jude 3

The State of the Church

In our present time, the preaching of sound doctrine is rare. Christians have turned away from sound doctrine by the tens of thousands. The church has become a culture of entertainment and spiritual dramatics. The message is diluted with humor, drama and hope of self-gratification. I am not saying that the Sunday message should be void of humor, neither am I saying that it shouldn’t address the tangible needs of the congregations, but what I am saying is that these necessities should flow naturally out of the pure preaching of the gospel. The preaching of the kingdom of God and its righteousness should come first and the other tangible things will automatically be made available in some form or another. God is not ignorant of our problems and conditions. He knows just what we need 24 hours a day, including every minute and second.

New Age Influence

Another dangerous trend that has weakened sound doctrine is the teaching of new age philosophies and other religions of the world. There are those who believe that there are many paths to heaven, the gospel of Christ included as one of them. They believe that Christianity isn’t the only way to salvation. They believe that if an individual lives a good, clean life he has earned a ticket to heaven. This new age doctrine have become so ingrained in our society that many people are persuaded that everyone goes to heaven, regardless of their unredeemed lifestyle and rejection of Christ. But those who know the truth beg the difference. One of the greatest deceptions of Satan is to make people believe that there is no need for salvation and that God will eventually forgive everyone, including Satan himself. People who believe this false message are doomed to eternal separation from God unless they repent and turn to Christ Jesus, who died for all mankind.

I know many people who have turned to spirit gods for guidance and assurance in their pursuit of happiness and prosperity in this life. They come in contact with these entities by performing such rituals as chanting, hypnotizing music, and transcendent meditations. Many who follow such paths consider themselves gods of their own lives and affairs. Sadly, these people often experience disappointment and confusion when their lives remain unfulfilled. The spirit of Christ is the only sacred entity that can fulfill our inner needs for joy and peace and eternal security.

These damnable teachings have infiltrated the preaching of the true message and have turned the hearts of the saints toward materialistic gain. Our hearts long for messages that sound good to our ears and that excites our hearts with the hope of fine houses, cars, a big bank account and great friendships. Once again I am not against prosperity. It has its place in the Christian life, but it must not be the main focal point of the message of the gospel. Serving God and others are the main ingredients of the Christian journey here on earth.

The God Pleasers

God will not be denied. He has those who are committed to serving Him. These are they who believe that the preaching of Christ must be the main focus of every spiritual message. These devoted men and women of God refuse to give the people what they want in the name of tradition or lifestyle or changing times. They don’t cut corners when it comes to confronting the darkness in people and places. These are the sheep that here the voice of Christ and follow him only. Usually these faithful followers’ fellowship and worship God in small congregations where serving God and others are the top priority. Such Christians are not concerned about popularity or the accumulation of gain; they simply enjoy the peace of joy of the kingdom of heaven within them. They don’t hesitate to share their earthly goods with other saints or even sinners. These Christians simply love God and man, without asking anything in return. Therefore all grace and spiritual fulfillment automatically flow toward them.

The Divine Assessment

The church must examine and reposition itself in order to be effective in establishing the kingdom of God on earth. Good representatives of the kingdom are busy taking care of God’s business above everything else: above their families, friends, and personal careers. Unless believers are willing to return to sound doctrine the deception of darkness will further dilute the true gospel of the kingdom. Millions of people will be deceived on larger scale and Satan will reign with the power to enter in and out of the body of Christ.


Source by Stevie L Glenn

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