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The Gospel According to Tal Brooke

Tal Brooke documented his search for enlightenment in AVATAR [ The incarnation of a god on the earth ] OF NIGHT, 1990. The first guide he sought was a psychiatrist who had ‘copped out’ of the real question…lying to himself when convenient, to make things work. He did not allow himself to think about the eternal or ultimate issues. He was content to be holding his brandy on his yacht…too old and too tired and too proud of his neat system, so he looked the other way. Finally, Tal took responsibility for his own life and left this guide.

Tal took a psychochemical approach with LSD as his helper for his second attempt. He felt mysticism could get him beyond the senses and his intelligence so he could find God. His experiment led him to travel to India because the yogis, god men and illumined seers there all claimed to have the enlightenment that self can become God.

Tal’s third guide was Sai Baba who did miracles and taught that the moment you walk into his presence, all your sins are forgiven. The miracles led Tal to confess to Baba, “I offer you my life, as a son, as a servant, for your direction, to possess completely and do whatever you will.” Baba’s miracles included healing his own burst appendix, healing a Stanford doctor, waving his hand and materializing stones, gems and food. He could travel up a hill in a blink when others took ten minutes to climb it. He said he gave special grace when the center of his head opened up and a light as bright as the sun blinded them all for half a day after.

So why would Tal leave Baba? Lies were covered by saying that they were tests to see if you would doubt Baba’s divinity.

A baby would not stop screaming while in his presence. They found out he was a woman. Then Tal met some missionaries who prayed. He found their quiet might of conviction baffling. He felt from them a sense of deep goodness. They quoted Scripture that sent a shock through Tal’s system. Christ’s coming stood on hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, not just the cosmic mind. There was evil vs good, mind vs matter and spirit vs flesh. Christ and Baba were not the same. A thought that had never entered his universe was “There is no better salesman for counterfeit truth than a good man.” Then in a dream, Tal found himself unexpectedly calling out the name of Jesus for help and running and running. He needed further proof so one day overlooking Baba’s many buildings, Tal challenged God: “Okay, God, how do you explain the apparent love of this self-proclaimed incarnation of God and his miracles…tell me that.” Tal threw down his Bible on a boulder and it opened to Matthew 24 and he read verse 24, “See that no one misleads you…” This was radically new for him. He came to Christ and “It was as lightning in its soul-shaking power and immediacy. In an instant I went from Tal Brooke, dead in his sins, to Tal Brooke, forever redeemed…I was feeling a radiant lightness of spirit from some hidden spring that I had never felt before ever in my millions of transitions of consciousness, from LSD elevators to mountain top epiphanies. This was for real.” page 374.

Today, Tal is president of Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkley, CA and speaks to many university students.


Source by Paul Landis

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