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The First Step In Believing Is To Hear The Gospel

Open your Bible to Matthew 11:15 it says… He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

Listen to what God is saying to you, the people in whom God delights are the ones who hear His Word without doubting. God’s Word is to be believed in everything that it declares. Come and get filled with God! How? Hear the Gospel! God is looking for people He can reveal Himself. But the world thinks there is something wrong with you if you are hungry for God.

You must feed on God’s Word and take it into your heart and life. Your whole heart and your whole life must come under the influence of the Word. Jesus considers this of the highest importance! You see, God wants to draw you into closer fellowship with Himself. Every day He’s seeking followers of Christ who believe that the Bible is the eternal, unchanging Word of God.

When you have ears that want to hear the Gospel there is still more God can do in you and through you. I’m excited about this! God is doing something new, something greater for you! He’s giving you a fresh start! How? Jesus died to give you a fresh start! But the first step in believing is to hear the Gospel.

The Word is alive and active, so learn what God has in store for you. Jesus is still inviting people to step out and come to Him. Yes! Absolutely! You’ll never go wrong by listening to Him. You’ll never go wrong by giving His Word first place. Many people hear what the Holy Spirit is saying but are not really committed to it. Many people don’t believe the Word!

But, here’s what I’m teaching you. So many people all over the world are in need of Jesus! The scriptures are open to all people to receive. But are you the one, who wants to listen? Day by day, you must seek wisdom from the scriptures. Go to the Word and believe the Gospel. Always let your ears be open to hear the Word of the Lord.

The most important thing in your life is keeping your heart full of the light of God’s Word. The way to get the Word in your heart is through your ears and your eyes. When you walk according to the Word, it shines a light on your pathway. Because you are in Christ, God favors you this day.

The Word is always calling you up higher, that’s why you need to keep hearing the Word. The Word is your source of knowing God’s will and His ways. Whatever the Word says to you, that’s the way you should live your life. Believing, confessing and receiving all that His Word says to you.

The Gospel will teach you how to live spiritually! You begin to think differently, talk differently, and act differently. You have a desire to read the scriptures more earnestly and constantly. You have fresh ears to want to hear the Gospel. What a privilege and honor! Now, raise your hands and say, I adore the name of Jesus and I’ll keep hearing His Word.

Source by Darrick Bussell

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