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PTSD Leaves When We Apply the Law of Attraction

Those in the faith of Christ need not beware.

The Law of Attraction comes from heaven to make us aware.

Why else would our Lord tell us the parable of the mustard seed?

If we have the faith in thinking something, it will certainly be!

Our problems are similar when we have PTSD.

Past trauma seeks to repeat the same dark thoughts, indeed.

A tip to share is how we can make our burdens bared.

The answer comes when we choose to turn off those thorny thoughts shared.

When we look to the chosen Christ (who bore a crown of thorns) we can.

In Isaiah 14:3 God proclaims He shall give rest from sorrow to woman and man.

Encased in this passage is another message that fear will also be relieved.

Released is the hard bondage where we were made to serve in thoughts grieved.

A strategy is here for us that have been in our mind’s bondage repressed.

The healing will come with prayer to let God do His best to give us rest.

This special Law I have mentioned determines what relationships we attract.

Look closely at your family and friends to see how this is a fact.

The power to move forward has always been in our thoughts to begin.

What keeps us stopped in our pain is the power of sin.

Once we acknowledge our weakness within we can break the bonds and be free.

This happens through faith in our Higher Power to give us strength, you see.

There is might in the mind with Spiritual persistence.

Letting go of all anger and judging thoughts will take away fright’s resistance.

Another tip is to start to write and say positive affirmations twice a day.

Repeating what we need, will make the universe heed!

Now instead of running afloat in a boat with a hole we can drive ahead.

Christ’s love and compassion will still the terror in dreams in our head.

A better life comes, once we choose to put on Christ in daily devotions.

By giving Him thanks and praise we are cleansed from trauma’s emotions!

Source by Risa Ruse

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