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Never Be Miserly Nor Niggardly Nor Stingey With Almighty God – Let the Psalmist Teach You

This man is not afraid to be called a man of God. This king is not ashamed to trust God, and have faith in God, in good times and in bad. It is King David.
Psalm 9 – O Lord – I will praise YOU with all my heart. I will not be half-hearted when I praise YOU. I will not be half hearted, nor stinting nor stingey, nor miserly or mean, in my devotion and worship and service – it will come from my heart – it will be sincere. All of my heart will be in what I sing and say and do.
And Lord – I am going to tell everyone about YOU – and all the wonderful and marvellous things that YOU are doing. I am going to let all the people know – and there are various ways whereby we can do that.
David is going to praise GOD – and he is going to testify to that and tell the world that His God is the God of Miracles and Wonders. David is so full of the joy of the Lord – and the joy of the Lord is his strength. There are four mighty activities in these opening words – I will praise – I will tell – I will be glad and rejoice – I will sing.
Verse 3 is some word. David was chosen by God and anointed by God. David knew his God – and could be depended upon when things got hard and difficult. He is filled with holy gladness – and at this moment songs of praise are flowing from his heart. The well from deep within is overflowing and he is bursting forth in praise.
Verse 4 – God had maintained his just cause – God has upheld his case.
Lord, You saw my work and from Your Throne, You have declared that it was good. No wonder David is singing in his heart – and from his heart – to God.
Verses 3 to 5 give us his reasons for praising God – it is a song of victory.
Verse 6 – The enemy had caused destruction, but God had overthrown the enemy – and his Lord had given him rest and peace – verse 4.
The enemy – sin – the devil – has caused a lot of destruction. He has tried to destroy all that is good and all that is of God – and continues to attempt to do this.
But Jesus came and to rescue people – He shed His Blood and died – and rose from the dead defeating the power of evil. And the risen living Jesus gives us power – and authority to use His Power.
When Jesus is present the enemy had to fall and disappear and perish. When man is delivered from the influence of the enemy, he can experience that rest and peace which only our God can give. The enemy comes to upset and oppress and depress – and kill and steal and destroy – and when this is removed people can experience the Peace of God.
Verse 7 – The Lord reigns for ever – His Throne endures – a picture of security – He is established and will remain unshaken. The same Lord Who was in control of situations in the days of David is still in control of situations today.
David has a vision of the future triumph of God.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. Hebrews 13 verse 8. He is able to heal those who come to Him – help those in trouble – and deliver people from the oppressing influence of the enemy.
Yes – the Lord Jesus Christ is on His Throne – but this verse also teaches us that He is the Lord of Judgement – and He will judge the world justly and fairly.
What a comfort for those who belong to Jesus Christ – and what a terrifying thought for people who have not made their peace with God through Jesus.
David’s testimony here is quite comprehensive. He knew what needed saying.
Verse 9 – the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed – a lofty place, or high fortress – a safe haven for people in time of trouble. Here is a wonderfully reassuring picture of the mercy and love and protection and concern which our gracious God has for man. Needy people can come to God in times of real need and trouble – and He will give real help. He will minister in a deep and practical way.
Some say – O God will not come to me – He seems always to help other people with their problems – but He won’t come near me in my situation.
O yes, HE will – if only people would ask HIM.
Verse 10 – we have this tremendous promise. Now, we know His Name – JESUS CHRIST – and we can place our complete trust in Him. We live in a day when it is harder and harder to trust people. Many discover that people let them down – and David knew all about that.
God is faithful. We submit ourselves to Him and submit ourselves to His ways. What we know – and what we do with what we know is important. He never forsakes those who seek HIM.
When Jesus saw the crippled and the lame – or the leper – or the blind man – or
tax collectors – Jesus did not turn away nor run away nor hide. He come to bless – and people find a blessing and enjoy that blessing.
The more we know God the more we trust HIM. What a verse! What a promise!
What a positively encouraging word for us all to accept and enjoy.
No wonder David bursts out in verse 11 – Sing praises to the Lord. Share what God has done. We are spiritual messengers. Speak about what Jesus has done for you – sing about it – “Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord”.
Here are two priorities – singing praises – and speaking about what God has done and is doing. Praising and testifying are linked here. Praise and Proclaim.
These new songs we have appreciated have arisen out of days of renewal by the Holy Spirit – because people who were and are touched by the grace and mercy and love of God through the Spirit of Jesus Christ – just want to praise Him.
Verse 12 teaches us that God hears the cry of the afflicted or the humble.
Prayer is a haven or a harbour to a shipwrecked man. Many lives are bashed against the rocks, but few want to enter this harbour – and sail into this haven.
This verse is like a ladder taking us up to God.
David mentions his circumstances. He has been delivered – and deep distresses require great deliverances.
Verse 14 teaches us how to respond when God comes and helps us and ministers to us and sets us free from whatever has been bothering us.
David praises God publicly. Rejoice when God visits you to save you and comfort you and bless you and help you and deliver you. That is his word to the people.
Verse 17 speaks about people who forget GOD.
To forget GOD is not a little sin – but a serious one. We see there the forgotten GOD – and in the next verse we see the unforgetting God. The Lord will not forget those in need.
Verse 19 – Arise O Lord – many have prayed that down through the centuries.
As David was confident, we too can be confident in Christ Jesus.
Verse 20 – men and men who are miserable, frail, fallen and dying – nations need to know and remember that. Selah – pause – consider – think.
We continue to pray verse 19 – remembering how Jesus Christ has risen – and has poured out the Holy Spirit – and has ministered to our various needs – saving people from their sins – healing people from their sicknesses – delivering people from oppression and depression – and filling them with His Love and Power.
No wonder so many do want to Thank Him and Praise Him and Worship Him.
The Psalmist has come through a difficult time – and he is declaring what God has done – so that this might help others.
“David – What has God done for you?” “God has taught me and schooled me and trained me and moulded me to worship Him.” God has made David a worshipper.
Worship is not something you learn – worship is something that arises out of an experience of God and with God – that sense of awe and wonder.
His whole heart was set on Praising God.
Whatever you might be feeling or going through – take heart from the Word of God –
I will praise – I will tell – I will be glad and rejoice – I will sing –
and with thanksgiving.

“Tell out, my soul, the glories of His word.”

Source by Sandy Shaw

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