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"Mov Og Funder" Starring Kasper Andersen

Kasper Andersen stars in this touching film about a boy who takes a wounded fugitive under his wing and tries to nurse him back to health. Although Martin (Mov for short) isn’t completely successful in his endeavours, he does nonetheless learn a little bit about trust, love, friendship, and growing up in the process.

At the beginning of the film Martin is excited about going to spend the weekend with his father. He packs his bags and eagerly awaits the arrival of his father only to find out that his father has made other plans for the weekend and forgot to tell his son. Bad turns to worse as just as Martin is hanging up the phone in the phone booth, a man is slammed against the glass. A knife fight that has started out in the bar across the street has made its way to just outside Martin’s front door.

Thinking that her son will be gone for the weekend with his father, Martin’s mom has already made plans to be out of town for the weekend. He is now stuck at home by himself for the weekend. Or so he thinks. While carrying the garbage down to the bins, Martin discovers that the stabber is hiding in their basement. While startled at first, something about the young man intrigues him, and he decides not to tell the police, but instead allows the man to stay there while he nurses him back to health.

Eventually Martin’s mom finds out her son is hiding a wounded man in his bedroom, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. Unfortunately for Funder, the cops have found out about his hideout also. In a desperate attempt to help the man escape, Martin is almost killed.

Although there are a few moments in the film that seem far-fetched, maybe even ridiculous, Martin’s first kiss and his first attempt at shaving are cute, if not classic scenes. Any mistakes in the film, though, are overshadowed by the acting of the young Kasper Andersen.

Source by Christian Jentz

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