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Mary and Martha – A Christian Bible Poem

“Hurry now, get that quick.”

“He’s coming soon, here the clock tick?”

Martha scurried all about, to everyone her orders shout.

“Put fresh water in that vase!”

“Oh no, that chair is out of place”

“Sweep the floor, do the dishes, fix a lunch of bread and fishes.”

Martha ran, to and fro, making everything just so.

” I see a mud spot on my floor, get the mop, Oh, here’s some more.”

“Get some water, make a stew, don’t worry I know what to do.”

“Oh goodness where could Mary be? I need help now, can’t she see?”

“Mary!” Martha called once more. Then she hurried out the door.

“I bet she’s out there having fun, playing dancing in the sun.”

“While I stand here running quick, cleaning until I keel over sick”

“Forget about her, no time to waste, I’ve got to finish” she said with haste.

“Is dinner done?” she asked miss sue,” The same old bread, that will never do”

“I want something fresh and new!”

As perspiration dripped from her brow, she heard some one talking now.

Turning left, walking quick, she saw Mary sitting sweet.

Listening, sitting there, right by Jesus feet.

“Mary” she called with clear frustration, “Rest is not your occupation!”

“Jesus, please forgive Mary for not helping me, I’ve called her twice now don’t you see.”

“Martha” Jesus said, “Rest a bit, over here now come and sit”

“Come on now, your work can wait, it’s okay, it’s not to late”

Martha obeyed, and sat down, a smile emerged, from her last frown.

Source by Dory Miller

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