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“Kolya” Starring Andrei Chalimon

“Kolya” stars the adorable Andrei Chalimon in a demanding role that the talented young actor portrays brilliantly. The young Kolya is a young Russian boy whose mother has migrated from Russian to the Czech Republic. Her goal is to marry a Czech so that she can become a citizen, thus allowing her to obtain the necessary paperwork so that she might migrate to Germany.
Enter the vulnerable and broke Frantisek, a cello player who has lost his job in the symphony and is now playing for pennies at funerals. The aging bachelor has never gotten married because he has been told that having a family will take away from his musical abilities.
“You can have a family, or a musical career,” his mother always tells him.
When his friend approaches him about marrying the girl so that she can get her papers, Frantisek is at first reluctant, but the hefty payoff is enough to convince him to break the law just this once. It doesn’t take him long to regret this infraction.
Soon after they are legally married, his new wife flees to Germany, leaving the 5 year old Kolya with his grandmother. Not long after taking custody of the boy, the grandmother passes away. Being the stepfather, however reluctantly, makes Frantisek the legal guardian of the child. He knows absolutely nothing about families or raising children, and he has no desire to start learning now. Added to the fact of his new status as a dad, the police have caught onto the illegal arrangement, and his girlfriend has find out about his “marriage” and has left him.
It doesn’t take long though before the charming little Kolya breaks through his new dad’s outer shell, and soon the things that have been a part of Frantisek’s life for so long don’t seem quite as important anymore.

“Kolya” is a captivating film about love, friendship, and sacrifice that will grip your heart strings and stretch them thin.


Source by Christian Jentz

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