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How to Prepare a First Communion Party For Your Daughter

Your daughter’s First Communion is a very special event. Seeing her so lovely in her white communion dress and knowing that she is ready to take part in the Eucharistic celebration can make any parent want to throw a First Communion party! As a proud parent it’s only natural to want to celebrate your daughter’s First Communion. In fact, many moms and dads prepare weeks or even months ahead for their daughter’s First Communion party. Making the party enjoyable and memorable for your daughter and everyone else might seem like a difficult task, but planning and visualizing the event can help make this special party a success. Follow this checklist to help you get started:


Select an appropriate theme for the party. The theme can be related to First Communion or Easter. You can also go for non-religious themes like Princess theme or Alice in Wonderland theme where your daughter and her friends can simply wear their favorite girls Easter dresses. Don’t forget to involve your daughter in the planning. Asking her how she how feels about a particular theme will help you to better organize the party.


A First Communion party is another wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together.

Think of inviting special people to attend your daughter’s First Communion party as this is also a great time to fellowship with them. Once you’ve put together a guest list, find time to call them in advance so they can be properly informed about the when and the where of the party. Instead of buying expensive cards, send simple DIY invitations.


Pick a place depending on the budget and space you need. Consider how many people are coming and what activities are included. Gardens, spacious yards, local parks, and even church meeting halls are great party venues that cost little or zero. If you think cleaning up or preparing the food is too big a task to handle, you can always make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Most restaurants offer party packages that include entertainment and free use of their banquet halls. Don’t forget to prepare a mix of lively Christian songs for the party. You can also use scented candles, white balloons and ribbons to decorate place.


It’s wise to confirm your guests’ attendance. Have a final head count for visitors a day before the occasion. Cook or bake any food that you can prepare ahead of time. Serve deliciously healthy food that kids love. Get extra party supplies, so you won’t have to leave the party just in case you run out of stuff. To make the table look even more presentable, use a basket of beautiful flowers or fruits as a centerpiece.


What’s a party without games or fun activities? Who said that daughters in their first communion dresses , can’t have fun at communion parties? While your daughter looks picture perfect in her beautiful dress, don’t forget that she still is just a little girl who wants to have fun at her own Communion party. Plan activities both kids and adults will enjoy at the party. Face painting, dancing, playing some fun family games like Pin the Tail and Bible trivia games, even hiring either a clown or a magician to do a magic show can almost certainly provide hours of entertainment.

Source by RR Ritchey

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