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How to Live Above Sin and Enjoy a Life Void of Guilt

Sin draws us away from God and this happens when we yield to temptations and the desires of the flesh. Sin can be delusive. It is pleasing and might probably seem satisfying but it is displeasing to God and that is what makes it wrong. Whenever we fall into sin, our spirits get crushed and we find it hard to pray and even study the bible. Falling in and out of sin can be a sign of a struggling Christian. You can overcome sin today and live a life that is pleasing to God.

First, you need to understand that you cannot live a good Christian life that is void of sin by your own power, strength or sheer will. To overcome sin and the evil desires of the flesh, you need the help of the Holyspirit. The spirit of God will guide you into all truth. The spirit of God will be the one to help you remain steadfast in your relationship with God. Also in bearing the fruit of the spirit, you must have the spirit of God dwelling richly inside of you.

How Can One Receive the Holyspirit?

This is simple! Jesus promised us that he will send us a comforter and that is the Holyspirit. You can receive the Holyspirit when you ask. Jesus gives liberally and the spirit of God is all yours when you ask. Whenever you pray, ask God for a fresh out-pouring of his spirit and he will fill you.

In addition, a good prayer life is necessary to live above sin. In prayer, you ask for the filling of the spirit and also grace from God to overcome temptations. Prayer draws you closer to God and your spirit man is sensitive when you pray. In prayer, your spirit man draws strength from God to overcome the desires of the flesh. You cannot go too far if you do not have a good prayer life.

Also, studying the word of God will do you great good in your walk and in your relationship with God. Jesus has enjoined us to abide in him. Studying the bible always is a very good way to abide in Jesus. When you study the word of God and abide in Jesus, he will also abide in you and guide your path unto righteousness. You can also understand and know his commandments and know what he says about situations when you study the word. It is also a way God speaks to us. You can only bear good fruit of the Holyspirit when you abide in Jesus.

Furthermore, you should let go of friends who influence you negatively and cause you to sin. If you spend time asking for forgiveness after spending time with your friends, then it is time to let such friends go. In lieu of such friends, you should make friends that will encourage you into righteousness. Never forsake the fellowship of your church.

Finally, seek for ways to always connect with Jesus Christ. You can have your quiet time every day. Read devotional guides and take your time to listen to good gospel music. There is so much to enjoy in God’s presence, peace of mind, good health, a life void of worries and set-backs. God forgives sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness and sets us free from the bondage of sin. All you have to do is to trust in the power of his resurrection, trust in his perfection. You have a pleasant and wonderful life ahead so let us bask in His glory today and live above sin.

Source by Donald Chika Wogu

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