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Emotions associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) emerge like weeds.

This comparison does not require you to be a gardener to comprehend.

The strategy is to talk simply and without apologies in order to be understood.

Fear and fury arise when unpleasant emotions run amok without being noticed.

They spread like weeds, displacing the good seeds we sow.

This conversation arose on a nature walk with my kid.

We spoke about how what I write to others is something they can’t think about.

Jesus refers to the subject matter as being from above, not below.

You know, his thoughts were the same as Creator, Father’s notions.

If others around us never take the time to reflect so boldly, there will be misunderstandings.

They grow enslaved to the ways of the world (like poured out concrete without a mold.)

Their unpleasant experiences in the past have created energy blocks around their hearts.

This is where their capacity to think critically and empathize effectively comes into play.

This is referred regarded as having a “mental mechanism” by psychologists.

For the sake of the heart’s security, the mind fabricates its own distorted account of an incident.


Jesus’ followers had to mature spiritually before He could openly speak to them.

Jesus spoke openly when they trusted Him and believed He was the Word.

His disciples, too, had to overcome previous ignorance in order to comprehend Him.

That’s what Jesus meant when he said you shouldn’t put new wine in old wineskins if you want it to burst through.

There was an instruction concerning my poems after a dream that I had just remembered.

You see, having a new mentality was required to heal in rhyme.

Then Qigong is the magic eraser for cleaning out the dirt that has accumulated.

We will notice a shift in our mindset shortly after our first energy cleansing session.


That is the most hardest step to take, but one that must be taken before any change can take place.

When we broadcast a positive, focused thought into the atmosphere, it raises the Earth!

What those of us with PTSD don’t realize is that this works against us when we’re down.

Contemplating previous injuries and trauma also makes us mentally ill.

If we dwell in the past, how can a creative thought be released free like a dove from a cage?

Christ can give us the strength to break down emotional barriers and finally find peace.

It’s critical that we don’t take what other people believe of us as our truth.

Their immature, materialistic perspectives may lack the core of divine worth.


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