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Emerging Worship by Roland Worton, Book Review

Releasing New Levels of Corporate and Individual Worship

Roland Worton in his book “Emerging Worship” guides the reader into a new awareness of the presence of God. Worton introduces and celebrates the sounds of heaven and the emergence of the “Soundforger.” Worton has a Global three dimensional in function which reestablishes the tabernacle of David as a model for corporate worship with the multidimensional representation of priestly, prophetic, and apostolic worship.

Roland points out how Apostle John was exposed to the sounds of heaven and records the experience in the book of Revelation. These sounds of heaven include: the voice of the Father, the Bridegroom, and the angels.

Worton incorporates the concept of understanding the realm of Christ’s government to relate Kingdom principles and to help understand the decrees and declarations of the Apostolic Church today. Roland reiterates the strategic purpose, societal transformation, and role of intercession, impacting the transition of this emerging worship.

Roland incorporated the writings and concepts of highly respected leaders within today’s apostolic movement. I appreciated the depth of research and comprehensive end notes and credits Worton included. Appendix A was helpful. Roland listed the priestly Psalms, the prophetic revelatory Psalms, and the governing apostolic Psalms. These lists become an important resource tool for worship leaders.

In his book “Emerging Worship” Roland Worton invites every member of the Body of Christ to permeate their community, city and nation with the sounds and songs of Heaven. This is an important and timely book. I recommend it for anyone seeking a fresh approach and a fresh approach to gaining entrance to the presence of God.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978*0768426984

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Source by Richard R Blake

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