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Elvis Presley – Why Everyone (Still) Loves the King

Elvis Presley may have died on August 16, 1977 but there is no doubt that the King of Rock ‘N Roll is still very much with us. Just listen to popular music, which continues as the same mix of pop, country and gospel music that Elvis made famous. Watch television and you will see some of Elvis’s old movies and television shows. Stop by Graceland, Elvis’s home in Memphis, Tennessee and you will join almost 700,000 other visitors yearly. After all, everyone loves the King!

Many people cannot think about the King without thinking about Las Vegas and Elvis’s flashy costumes and landmark shows. After all, Elvis won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36 but he was more than just a talented recording artist – he was a performer. Elvis performed in Las Vegas between the years of 1969 and 1976, a time period called “The Vegas Years” by many Elvis fans. Nevertheless, remember that what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas! Visit the “Legends in Concert” show at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino to see an Elvis impersonator and remember to get your souvenirs, including an Elvis Presley t-shirt, when you are done. For a slightly more graceful interpretation of Elvis and his Las Vegas years, get tickets to the Cirque du Soleil “Viva Elvis” show at the Aria Hotel. After the show, stop by the next-door Elvis gift store and buy anything from an Elvis Pez dispenser to a wide variety of different Elvis Presley graphic t-shirts.

If you want to get married by an Elvis impersonator, hit up one of the many wedding chapels in Las Vegas but do not forget to stop by the gift store to pick up your Elvis Presley t-shirt and show your love! Marriage may be forever, but Elvis will always be the King.

Elvis Presley had millions of adoring fans all over the world and he still does, if the number of daily “Elvis Sightings” is any indication. People all over the world continue to report seeing an apparition of Elvis at mundane places like restaurants and universities, many times as the young man he was but often as the older man, he would be. If you are one of the King’s loyal fans who just cannot help falling in love and you still believe he’s alive, get your beliefs emblazoned on a t-shirt of your own design. Visit websites online that allow you to design or upload your own content to make a personalized Elvis shirt.

In other words, if you too love the King, an easy way to show your love is by wearing an Elvis Presley graphic t-shirt. You can go to an authorized Elvis Presley website and buy men, women and children’s apparel, including a wide variety of t-shirt styles and sizes. Bargain hunters may rejoice because you can also find an Elvis Presley graphic t-shirt online for a good price. Visit some of the bigger retail merchandisers on the web and do a search for “Elvis Presley t-shirt” to see the range of options available.

No doubt about it, everyone loves the King! Why not show everyone your dedication by wearing a t-shirt that proclaims your love for Elvis Presley and give the world a reminder that he will always be the King.

Source by Michael Protomastro

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