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David and Goliath – A Christian Bible Poem

The Philistines had come. The Isrealites were scared.

To move or be courageous, no one even dared.

A giant named Goliath, stood waiting for a fight.

No one there came forth, considering his height.

There was a boy named David, who played the harp for Saul.

Now he was very young, but he gave the Lord his all.

He was the youngest in his family, but very good with a sling.

He was willing to fight Goliath, both for God and for the king.

But his brothers mocked and teased him, they said he was to small.

“How can you fight a giant that is nine feet tall?”

But David had the Lord, joining him this fight.

And he would need no armor, he would travel light.

With God he killed a lion, and he had slain a bear.

God would protect him, so no armor would he wear.

The only weapon he had, was a very small sling.

He headed towards the brook, for five small stones would he bring.

Getting his five stones, he headed for the war.

After talking to the king, he headed out the door.

Goliath was out waiting, armed with weapons sharp.

He made fun of David, the boy who played the harp.

“You bring me a dog!” he looked at David with disgust.

“Come on now little boy, fight me if you must!”

But David was determined, into his sling he put a stone.

“Come get me!” said Goliath, in a very mocking tone.

Then David raised his sling, and swung it all around.

It hit the giant in the head, and he toppled to the ground.

The Isrealites were pleased, Goliath was now dead.

They were victorious, they took a sword to the giants head.

The Philistines fled, they ran very fast.

Against God, there was no way they could last.

Be strong, and be courageous, and don’t forget the Lord.

For David killed goliath with God and not a sword.

Source by Dory Miller

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