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Christian Poem of Encouragement

There are so many trials in this world we live in and with them all, I found that God is the only One who can help us through it. Do you feel at the end of your rope with work, family or friends? Does it seem like each day you get further down and you can’t seem to shake it off? Do friends seem to be the fair-weather type that only show up when “they” have a need and when you ask for their help or a listening ear, they run the other direction? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night not knowing why you were even born? I know… I have been there.

I know what it is like to live day to day and sometimes even minute to minute. I know the pain of heartache, but I have learned that when I am down the only way to look is up… up wards heaven and ask God for His help. No one on earth can fill the void you feel. No one can really love you 100% unconditionally as He does. That is why you must go through the valleys of this world. Through His strength you will learn and grow. You will see that after every heartache there is a blessing waiting. I know… I have been there.

One Saturday morning after prayer, this poem came to me so I wanted to share it with you in hopes it will encourage you to go on. If you are at a good place in your own life, maybe you will share it with others. There are so many hurting people in this world that could use an encouraging word of hope. They need people like you and me to share our hearts and words of a better life. God is their only answer.

Hold On to Jesus

I think of you, like I always do,

And pray you know that God loves you so.

You may not see Him, but He’s always there.

You may not hear Him, but He hears your prayer.

Take heart, dear friend, you’re in Good hands.

Hold on to Jesus though you can’t understand.

There will be valleys and mountains, too,

But if you walk with God He’ll see you through.

Then there’ll be days you’ll even cry

And question God and ask Him why.

It’s hard to explain from our earthly view,

But know God’s love is always true.

Sometimes we must go through all life’s pain

To make us strong so we can remain,

But through it all God is by our side

And He takes each tear… each tear we’ve cried.

Tears are blessings wrapped up really tight.

They multiply in heaven’s Light.

Only God knows where, why and how.

You will, too, but it won’t be now.

So hold on to Jesus, because one day you’ll see.

That this life is the first step to eternity.

© Sue Lueck Carlson


Source by Sue Lueck Carlson

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