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40 Descriptions of Faith

Faith For centuries many have mused and created literary works and art to describe faith. These below are but a mere portion of the concepts of faith.

Faith is:

  1. Listening to that little voice inside us — our conscience — and doing what it says.

  2. A feeling of assurance even when nothing assuring is seen.

  3. Exercising tolerance when we would rather not.

  4. An expression of, and a necessary ingredient of, courage.

  5. A key input to the diligence — the dutiful show faith.

  6. Patiently waiting when we’d prefer to be satisfied now.

  7. Seen when we overcome temptation.

  8. A prerequisite to miracles in New Testament tradition.

  9. Part of the reputation of the calm.

  10. Aided by prayer and surrender.

  11. Useless without actions to back it up — and it grows with practice.

  12. True friendship.

  13. Hearing correctly the messages of God.

  14. A combination of assurance and anticipation.

  15. Being wise enough to listen to the reproof of fair criticism.

  16. Trust; in thought and deed.

  17. Evidence that we fear God.

  18. Acceptance and openness.

  19. Proven in the furnace of testing and…

  20. … In the belly of despair.

  21. Standing firm under trial — the revealing of character.

  22. Glorifying to God when people recognise it in us.

  23. The basis of much thankfulness and gratitude.

  24. Sincerity, integrity, and reliability.

  25. A shield; a protection in times of trouble.

  26. Never losing hope and persevering instead of giving up.

  27. Forgiveness based in the intent and action of redemption.

  28. Something that cannot be lost like a material possession can.

  29. The key to Christian living.

  30. A powerful and heavenly force.

  31. Not knowing all the answers.

  32. Essential to pleasing God.

  33. Victory even in the midst of defeat.

  34. A fight: with only three opponents — with self, the Devil, and the enemies of God — but in a multiplicity of situations and…

  35. Also a fight to the end.

  36. Detachment to one’s desires.

  37. Illuminated when we meditate on things of the Spirit.

  38. Proved through persecution.

  39. Makes us right with God.

  40. Finally, the blessing of God and a sign of the Elect.

Copyright © 2008, S. J. Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Source by Steve Wickham

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